After a decade of consulting physician groups and healthcare organizations I found that they all had one thing in common. Bad hires.

Had each owner known that a bad hire would lead to millions in losses, they would have called in the professionals a lot sooner.  Have you experienced one or two bad hires?  You’re not alone, 75% of employers admit to have made a bad hire. 

The truth is, these mistakes are made unknowingly. We hire our friends, a friend of our spouse that needs work, or even a low wage employee we hope to groom, yet never find the time to do so.

Our bad hires weren’t hired because they were the most qualified but rather because we wanted to help someone and we too needed help, quick. Unfortunately, our kind hearts and quick actions got us into hot water faster than we expected and before we figured out the practice was on it’s way to the graveyard, where many failed practices have gone before us, we saw loss after loss. Patients were upset because their calls were not being answered, waiting rooms were full with not one sorry mentioned for the long wait, claims were denied because charts were messy, and if an auditor came in today, forget the loss, we would be shut down.  

Now because you’re desperate you do what every healthcare organization that is losing does and calls a Healthcare Consultant. He or she (in my case, she) comes in and quickly identifies the plaque taking over your crops. It can be an administrator who runs the show and doesn’t take proper orders from the medical director, leading the team into messy processes that create chaos and unnecessary overtime. Or perhaps it’s the billing department who spends more time chatting in the break room than collecting payments. There can be several things, but most will lead to the same dilemma, a bad hire.

See, an excellent hire will create profits and eliminate waste.

They will act as owners and become great leaders, who build a team that emulate their work ethic.