Provider And Physician Credentialing Services

Details about our provider and physician credentialing services


Before credentialing a provider with a medical network, they must begin the provider enrollment process.

Our goal is to make your enrollment process easy and simple, while keeping your confidential information safe and secure. Your time is valuable and the lives you care for are too! Don’t waste anymore time calling networks asking to join! We do all the tedious work for you! We submit all request, complete all lengthy applications, negotiate terms and follow up till the very end!

Imagine a world where there are trained personnel just waiting to do it all for you! It’s real. We are real. A team of experts trained to make your career as a doctor administratively as easy as possible! RMS services are provided in all 52 States.

Credentialing Services Team Meeting

Royalty Medical Solutions offers an important service to all healthcare providers!

  • Physicians
  • NP’s
  • Acupuncturist
  • Dentist
  • Physical Therapist / Chiropractors
  • Durable Medical Equipment facilities
  • Sleep Labs
  • Radiologist/MRI
  • Diagnostic Facilities (IDTF)
  • Surgery Centers
  • Urgent Care
  • Hospitals
  • and Other Medical Facilities

Provider enrollments

Group or individual Applications

  • Identify all health plans available in the provider’s geographic area
  • Letters of intent to join all networks
  • Medicare/Medicaid provider enrollment and re-validations
  • Private and Managed Care Networks
  • Specialty Networks: Ancillary, Radiology, Telemedicine etc.
  • Hospital Medical Staff applications: Hospital Privileges

Attention to detail

  • Negotiate discounts and rates on behalf of the provider
  • Negotiate top billing codes for reimbursement
  • Maintain CAQH to avoid delays in payor credentialing
  • Maintain current certificates and medical licenses, DEA and DPS certificates, malpractice face sheets, CLIA, board certification and CME’s
  • Ensure time sensitive items are completed on behalf of the provider and the medical group to avoid lapse in network status
Our Partner Healthcare Companies
Healthcare Recruitment and Staffing Agency Meeting

Our experience with healthcare staffing and recruitment is definitely second to none.



Why is staffing important healthcare?

Healthcare staffing is important because it is directly related to patient satisfaction. The healthcare workforce plays an important role in patient care and so patient experience can make or break the desired level of care.

Why is adequate staffing important?

Adequate staffing is important because an institution can only meet the acceptable standards of care if each healthcare unit is provided by an appropriate number of staff to perform the required tasks.

To ensure that the patient’s demand for care is met, an institution must ensure that the quality and quantity of work is performed and low morale and dissatisfaction is altogether avoided.

What does a healthcare recruiter do?

Healthcare recruiters help in providing qualified human resources to fill vacant positions in the healthcare industry. Their key roles include screening and interviewing potential candidates for the job, placing job adverts, reviewing applications, checking personal references and taking charge of recruiting, staffing and human resources needs of the healthcare sector, among others.

What makes a good healthcare recruiter?

A good healthcare recruiter is one with great communications and social skills. He understands well the intricacies of the healthcare industry and has great interpersonal skills that can prove useful in dealing with both the management team and the new people he interacts with everyday.

What is the most effective method of recruitment?

Online recruitment is the most effective method of recruitment and one of the best ways to appoint a person who is best suited for the requirements of the vacant job in the company.

A Boutique Medical Recruitment
and Staffing Agency

We connect healthcare professionals
with great jobs and opportunities.



Alena V

Claudia recruited me to join a great company. I was able to get SQA Engineer position first of all because Claudia provided me all the information I needed to get prepared for the interview. She also updated me on how the interview went and stayed in touch until I got hired. She is the most professional and nice person I’ve been working with during the recruiting process so far. I would highly recommend Claudia for recruiting in the IT arena.

Alena V

Michelle T.

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Claudia on multiple projects and filling a variety of roles. Claudia played a vital role in helping me build out a solid project management and quality assurance team. Her knowledge and experience helped to identify the right people for these critical roles. I look forward to continuing our relationship, as additional opportunities arise.

Michelle T.

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