Morning pow wows were the norm and in every morning meeting we would be trained on customer service. Plus, rewarding the sales team with gifts and bonuses guaranteed our hustle all day long.

The shiny shoe department with walls full of Salvatore Ferragamos, brought in the high-end shoppers who would expect nothing other than the best service.

Our greeting was pleasant, our smile was from ear to ear, and the attention one would receive once their foot hit our high-end department floor was on point every single time!

See, we delivered what was expected of us. You were our guest and we were happy to have you for a visit. Not only would you feel welcomed, but you would also leave happier than you arrived.

Although the world of healthcare is not as pleasant as shopping for designer shoes, I would like to say that I never forgot the training I got from Nordstrom.

Unfortunately, some owners, managers, and administrators have skipped the most important training of all! Customer service. Or what’s better known in our industry as patient care.

Why have so many forgotten that a hello at the door is polite and that a “How are you?” is just thoughtful?

Why has an industry where care is the service forgotten what the word actually means?

Care requires action and if your crew doesn’t know how to deliver this then either they aren’t the right ones for the job or management needs to do their job to train them.

Patients who already walk in feeling like death should not be beaten over the head with smirks, sass, or ignorance. Someone has to set the tone for the patient who will ultimately end up in the room with the doctor.

See, it’s too bad that we often forget that the first impression is the lasting one and that although the doctor may be sweet, it is the girl at the front desk who could ultimately ruin a doctor’s reputation online.

I want to make sure you are known as the Nordstrom of medical offices! I want patients to leave happier than they left, unless they are leaving with a prognosis and if that’s the case I hope they leave with a hug.

What if I told you I have a tool that will change how you view patient care? What if I told you that this tool would give you insight on how patients actually feel in your office?

With Podium, you get to monitor what patients are saying about you and your staff.

You get actual data to prove why an ill-mannered employee should be terminated or a great one should be praised.

You can’t improve when you stand unaware of a problem in the first place, so take a minute to see what Podium and our team can do for your medical group today.

We believe with a little bit of effort, and perhaps rewarding staff for good reviews, your team will deliver the same kindness we did on the floor of the Nordstrom’s shoe department!