Often a hospital or network will outsource credentialing. In a hospital setting, the medical staff department is often not a popular one. It’s not HR and it’s not the business office. In fact, it’s a small piece of the puzzle, yet it’s one of the main pieces that cannot be removed. Medical Staff Services, also known as the medical credentialing department, holds huge importance!

Medical staff, or the credentialing team, are tied into some of the most important components of a hospital. Their role can have a direct effect on the financial health of a facility. They touch everything from cost to revenue flow, quality assurance and Medicare compliance. Another main role of the medical staff department or medical credentialing department is provider satisfaction. These key players hold it all together, bridging the provider and the business side of healthcare.

Hospitals outsource more than ever due to high volumes of physicians coming on board as staff. Also, outsourcing can help the hospital keep up with rapid changes in contracting. When outsourced, the service level of medical credentialing can enhance quality within the hospital because the hospital has layers of functions that compete in importance. Yes, hospitals and healthcare organizations do NOT want to be the gatekeepers, they want the provider to arrive cleared to work before they hit hospital floors and engage with patients.

Ultimately, outsourcing medical credentialing can bring the hospital savings, since there is often a lack of resources to build a strong medical staff department. Outsourcing medical credentialing will also bring  healthcare organization benefits such as reduced risk while creating that provider satisfaction needed for a healthy environment.