Our Mission

Our mission at Royalty Medical Solutions is to empower healthcare professionals by connecting them with exceptional job and career opportunities. For the entrepreneur provider we strive to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry through our comprehensive consulting services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, enabling providers to thrive in their endeavors and careers make a lasting impact on patient care and outcomes. Together, we envision a healthcare landscape where providers and their businesses flourish, leading to improved healthcare delivery and better experiences for all involved.

15+ Years of Experience

At Royalty Medical Solutions, we go beyond traditional healthcare consulting. We specialize in comprehensive credentialing and provider enrollments, recognizing their crucial role in the hiring process for healthcare professionals. By handling both aspects, we streamline the process for our clients. With a team boasting over 15 years of unwavering commitment to the healthcare industry, we bring a wealth of expertise to every client interaction.

Royalty Medical Solutions takes great pride in its identity as a boutique consulting, staffing, and recruitment agency with offices in California and Texas.

As a woman-minority-owned business, we offer personalized and specialized services to our esteemed clientele.



Male Medical Credentialing Consultant
Before credentialing a provider with a medical network, they must begin the provider enrollment process.
Woman Healthcare Staff
Healthcare Staffing
Royalty Medical Solutions offers temp to perm, contracts, PRN staffing, and contingency searches.
Male Healthcare Recruit
Healthcare Recruitment
Our recruiters vet each candidate and match their skills so that clients receive the right staff for the job.

Find your next job!

We connect healthcare professionals with great jobs and opportunities.
Healthcare Recruitment and Staffing Agency Meeting
Our experience with healthcare staffing and recruitment is definitely second to none.


Why is staffing important healthcare?
Healthcare staffing is important because it is directly related to patient satisfaction. The healthcare workforce plays an important role in patient care and so patient experience can make or break the desired level of care.
Why is adequate staffing important?
Adequate staffing is important because an institution can only meet acceptable standards of care if each healthcare unit is provided by an appropriate number of staff to perform the required tasks. To ensure that the patient’s demand for care is met, an institution must ensure that the quality of work is performed and that low morale and dissatisfaction are altogether avoided.
What does a healthcare recruiter do?
Healthcare recruiters help in providing qualified human resources to fill vacant positions in the healthcare industry. Their key roles include screening and interviewing potential candidates for the job, placing job adverts, reviewing applications, checking personal references, and taking charge of recruiting, staffing, and human resources needs of the healthcare sector, among others.
What makes a good healthcare recruiter?
A good healthcare recruiter is one with great communication and social skills. He understands well the intricacies of the healthcare industry and has great interpersonal skills that can prove useful in dealing with both the management team and the new people he interacts with every day.
What is the most effective method of recruitment?
Online recruitment is the most effective method of recruitment and one of the best ways to appoint a person who is best suited for the requirements of the vacant job in the company.

How do I find a healthcare recruiter?
A staffing agency like Royalty Medical Solutions maintains a database of allied health and medical professionals who are ready to be matched for a job. You no longer need to scan recruiter directories and healthcare staffing agency websites and message boards. You can directly message us because we specialize in your area of expertise and we have a network that you can tap. For years, we have been providing top-notch health staffing and workforce solutions for healthcare facilities and executive recruiters. We have been the go-to medical staffing agency in all of Southern California and have provided direct placement, per diem, and contract medical jobs to the nation’s top medical organizations.
Should I use a recruiter or apply directly?
While other healthcare staffing agencies would advise you that you would apply directly if you are applying for junior-level roles or if you’re switching to a new role, we will still invite you to look into our job board and become part of the pool of job seekers who have successfully landed a job with us. We still have companies in our network who are looking for junior-level nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and healthcare executive staff. There are even those who just switched from their travel nursing journey to join facility-based nurse professionals in our network. Feel free to look at our job boards or send us an email telling us your qualifications and relevant experience. We can help!
What is the difference between a staffing agency and a temp agency?
Healthcare staffing agencies usually focus on giving their clients medical staff and physician placement for the long term as compared to temp agencies who only offer work that is temporary in nature. Medical staffing agencies also provide cost-effective solutions and more reliable recruitment processes compared to temporary labor which can quite become expensive and met with staffing challenges.
How important is staffing in an organization?
Staffing in an organization is important because it helps top healthcare organizations and practicing healthcare professionals hire the right people for the job. A healthcare professional, for instance, usually looks for people who are a perfect match to their job descriptions and so getting nurse staffing attendants that are not best suited for the role may negatively affect the performance of the job. Medical and allied health staffing agencies have, for a very long time, been ensuring that their pool of healthcare professionals becomes best suited for the job by enhancing their vetting process. As a medical recruitment agency, Royalty Medical Solutions helps its pool of talents to maximize their potential by affording them skills testing, behavioral questioning and situational interviews. We also study the industry trends, understand the healthcare and allied staffing needs, coordinate with the client at every level of engagement to ensure that we can help their workforce management and provide them a way to attract top talents and staff.
What is effective staffing?
The staffing process helps to improve organizational productivity. Therefore, through proper selection of employees in the organization, it can increase the quality of the employees, and through proper training, the performance level of the employees can also be improved. Effective staff management simply means consistently having the right employees – and enough of them – in the right positions. Thus, like planning and organization, staffing is also an important function of management.
What is healthcare staff?
A healthcare staff is one who offers medical care and allied health services to people who are sick and ailing. It includes those who are directly involved in care like doctors and nurses or those who are indirectly involved in such care like people in the executive leadership, behavioral health professionals, clinical social workers, physician assistants, aides, lab technicians, those performing medical janitorial services, and helpers.
Who qualifies as a healthcare worker?
A healthcare worker is one who is authorized under federal regulations to perform healthcare practice. It includes medical doctor, podiatrist, dentist, osteopathy doctor, chiropractor, travel nurse or any nursing practitioner, midwife, optometrist, clinical social worker or clinical psychologist authorized to practice as healthcare professional.
What are the levels of health care workers?
Levels of health care workers include primary care category, secondary care category, tertiary care category and quaternary care category. These level of categories of medical professionals are based on the complexity of the cases they handle, their respective levels of care and the skills and degree of specialization of the healthcare providers.


Happy Customer - Alena V.
Claudia recruited me to join a great company. I was able to get SQA Engineer position first of all because Claudia provided me all the information I needed to get prepared for the interview. She also updated me on how the interview went and stayed in touch until I got hired. She is the most professional and nice person I’ve been working with during the recruiting process so far. I would highly recommend Claudia for recruiting in the IT arena.
Alena V
Happy Customer - Michelle T.
I have had the pleasure of partnering with Claudia on multiple projects and filling a variety of roles. Claudia played a vital role in helping me build out a solid project management and quality assurance team. Her knowledge and experience helped to identify the right people for these critical roles. I look forward to continuing our relationship, as additional opportunities arise.
Michelle T.